Investing inthe future !
We do what we do.
With extreme financial prudence.
And Zen like mindfulness.

What we do

We are an Algo driven Hedge Fund, having robust risk management frameworks as our MOAT to protect our investor's wealth and grow it sustainably.


To become the largest algo based hedge fund Globally


To grow investors wealth by bringing the brightest minds together and enable them to function at optimal scale in the market


To Surpass the $10Bn boundary condition for a hedge fund

To become a flag bearer of the Derivatives market in India with the help of sophisticated technology

To be a dominant global hedge fund in the upcoming decade

Why Us ?

We manage wealth for our investors with a combination of Robust Risk Management Framework, Strategic Capital Utilization Plan and proprietary Algo Based Automated Trades (ABAT) which differentiates us from other hedge funds in the market.
Alpha Risk Management Framework (ARMF)
Alpha Risk Management Framework (ARMF)Protecting investor's capital against any Black Swan event

Value Propositions

Strong Risk management framework

Scale along with alpha generation

High Probability of Success

Algo and System based trades

Limited Risks in our framework

Our Team

CEO/Founder Image

Abbas Abidi


Abbas has been in the financial markets since almost a decade now and enjoys solving the market and interpreting data points. In his free time, he loves to create comics, write, read and wander away in stories. He is the author of the novel 'The Transcension', creator of Sid & Sal, Founder of Tipping Points LLP and an alumni of NMIMS with a work experience in firms like HPE/HPI.

CEO/Founder Image

Vivek Anandan


Vivek brings over a decade of Sales and Strategy experience. He holds a dual degree from IIM Lucknow and ESCP Paris. A unique combination of engineering, art and literature equips him to see things differently. Currently focused on creating leverage, in traditional industries, through Tech. He is passionate about writing, and finds creative solace by hosting the podcast kaafideep konversation.